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Discover the tangible benefits of offshore outsourcing in the Philippines through our immersive business tours. While we can share countless success stories, witnessing offshore operations firsthand offers an unparalleled understanding of the process and its advantages.
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Tailored Tours with the Australian Outsourcing Broker

We offer meticulously organised business tours with leading Offshore Staffing companies in the Philippines. Catering to groups of up to 8 individuals, we can offer flexible itineraries of 1, 2, or 3 days to suit your schedule and interests.

What to Expect on Your Tour:

Company Visits: Experience two Manila-based offshore staffing companies daily, plus an additional visit to a company in Clark/Pampanga for a day trip for 3-day tours.

Networking Opportunities: Engage in dinner and drinks at renowned local venues frequented by local and international business professionals.

Exclusive Insights: Special dinner guests may include executives from the outsourcing companies visited or expatriates currently managing offshore operations, offering firsthand accounts of their experiences.

Convenience and Comfort: Enjoy hotel pick-up and drop-off daily, ensuring a hassle-free experience. Sit back and relax, as lunch and dinner is provided for each day of your tour.

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Tour Pricing Structure

Individual Rate: $750 per person per day.
Duo Rate: $500 per person per day.
Trio Rate: $400 per person per day.
Group Rate (4 to 8 people): $300 per person per day.

For small groups open to joining others on a tour to reduce their cost, this can be arranged. The cost of flights, accommodation and airport transfers is not included, but our team can assist you with recommendations.

Advantages of the Australian Outsourcing Broker's Outsourcing Site Tours

Facility Assessment: Evaluate various office environments available for your offshore team.
Management Interaction: Meet and converse with key local management personnel for future collaboration.
Local Insights: Interact with Filipino agents, asking questions and gaining insights into their work culture and ethos.
Cultural Acclimation: Acquire a deeper understanding of the Philippines' rich culture and people.

Our team expertly handles tour scheduling and transportation, allowing you to focus entirely on learning about offshore staffing in the Philippines. Build relationships with potential offshore staffing partners and see which provider best resonates with you.

Your Offshore Staffing Exploration Journey Starts Now

Ready to embark on an informative journey into outsourcing in the Philippines? Please fill out the form and our team will assist you in arranging your tour.

We are also happy to provide hotel recommendations and any other information you might need for your visit to Manila. Explore with us and witness the future of your business's offshore staffing strategy.