Welcome to Australian Outsourcing Broker, where our expertise in outsourcing can transform your business operations. We provide comprehensive advisory services designed to streamline your journey to offshore staffing success, ensuring you make informed decisions and execute effectively.

Commercial Contract Reviews

We can assist you in scrutinising the terms and conditions of potential outsourcing contracts or finding opportunities in your existing contract if you outsource to the Philippines. While we don't provide legal advice, we offer valuable insights into how contractual elements and costs can impact your business, helping you make informed decisions and secure the best commercial terms available.

Recruitment Advisory Services

Our expertise lies in helping you find and recruit the ideal staff for your needs. We understand that the right team member is key to long-term success, and we guide you through the recruitment process to ensure you make the best hires by leveraging our local industry knowledge and experience. From defining role requirements to evaluating candidates, our approach is customised to your specific business needs.

Operational Management Advisory

We provide expert advice on establishing your operations in the Philippines, from understanding local business culture to compliance with regulations. Our services include:

- Building effective KPIs and scorecards
- Designing annual appraisal frameworks
- Local salary guidance and incentive programs
- Strategies for team building and engagement
- Cultural training and integration

Philippines Outsourcing Site Tours

You'll have the opportunity to tour local outsourcing company facilities, meet influential personnel, and immerse yourself in the Philippines' vibrant culture, exploring its business landscape and entertainment hotspots. As your hosts, we'll guide you every step of the way, providing essential insights into offshore staffing. This trip is not just about discovery; it's about placing you in the ideal position to choose the most suitable outsourcing provider for your business. Prepare for a journey that combines business acumen with cultural exploration, all in the heart of Manila!

Partner with Us for Success. Let's talk!

At Australian Outsourcing Broker, our mission is to empower your business with effective outsourcing strategies. Whether you're new to outsourcing or looking to optimise your existing operations, our team is here to provide the guidance and support you need. Contact us to learn more about our services and how we can help your business thrive through strategic outsourcing.

Consultation Packages and Pricing

Hourly Consultation: Individual services are available at an hourly rate. Contact Us for a customised quote.
Consultancy Packages: Choose from our Consultancy Packages tailored to meet diverse business needs and objectives. Each package is designed to offer comprehensive support and guidance throughout your outsourcing journey.

What do you get with each package?

Free Quotations: Based on your job requirements, we will get two offshore staffing proposals from outsourcing providers best aligned to your needs. This will include pricing as well as a detailed breakdown of what is included.

Outsourcing Needs Analysis: We discuss your current organisational structure to determine current and future roles that are best suited to offshoring to the Philippines. We also assess if your business is ready to adequately manage the change.

Job Description Preparation: If you don't have a job description for the role you want to outsource to the Philippines, then no worries! We will create one that is aligned to your exact requirements to make the sourcing and recruitment process much for efficient.

Technology Discovery Process: We take a look at your current technology stack so that potential outsourcing providers can include solutions to seamlessly integrate across countries. From networks to telephony, this is an important step to ensure you are set up for success from day one.

RFP Process If you have a large staffing requirement, need to present options to your board or have very specific requirements you want each outsourcing provider to address in a consistent way, then the RFP process is an essential activity. We will prepare the RFP documentation and manage the process so you only need to get involved with 3rd parties once you have narrowed the search down. We can accommodate an RFP for up to six initial providers under this package. This can be increased for an additional fee.

Recruitment Advisory: When it comes time to hire staff, we can provide advice or be involved in calibration sessions with local Philippines recruiters, undertake reviews of applicants' pre-interview and pre-hire to ensure any local red flags are discovered and be on hand for any other recruitment support that you need.

Contract Review: We will go through the final outsourcing contract and point out any key terms you need to properly understand and any terms that would be worth negotiating further. This is a commercial review of terms and not legal advice. We would recommend independent legal advice also be sought on any contracts as well.

Hosted Site Tours: Pack your backs and head to Manila in the Philippines! This will be an action packed 2 or 3 day adventure to visit local outsourcing company facilities, meet key people on the ground and get to experience some of the Philippines amazing culture and business/entertainment scene. We will be your personal hosts throughout the entire visit to ensure you learn everything you need to know about offshore staffing in the country and will be in the perfect position to select the best outsourcing provider for your business.