Efficient Legal Operations with Specialised Outsourcing Services

Streamlining Legal Operations through Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO) in the Philippines

For legal practitioners, delivering high-quality service to clients is paramount, especially during critical times. However, the often overwhelming paperwork can detract from focusing on more crucial tasks. Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO) emerges as an ideal solution, ensuring clients receive the required attention and service.

LPO is increasingly recognised within the legal industry for its benefits. It offers cost efficiency, particularly valuable for smaller firms, by reducing the overheads associated with employing traditional lawyers or paralegals. By embracing LPO, firms can allocate more resources to high-value tasks, such as client engagement, ultimately enhancing firm value and productivity.
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Range of Legal BPO Services Available Offshore

Through the Australian Outsourcing Broker and our partners, you can hire offshore legal professionals for roles including: Legal Transcriptionists Paralegals Legal Secretaries General Practice or Corporate Lawyers Legal Assistants Liaison Officers We can help you find staff proficient in legal practice management software solutions like Clio, MyCase, Bill4Time, Legal Files, Zola Suite, PracticePanther, CosmoLex, TimeSolv, and others.

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Building a Dedicated Legal Support Team

Your selected offshore staffing partner provides a fully dedicated, full-time legal support staff to assist with various documentation needs. Your team can handle tasks ranging from contract review, proofreading, amendment recommendations, negotiations, and due diligence assessments to administration and research. Adhering to ethical standards and maintaining confidentiality, our team ensures top-notch support for your legal operations.

Furthermore, you can hire a full-time, dedicated offshore Corporate Lawyer who, though working remotely, will integrate seamlessly with your in-house team. This approach streamlines your legal processes and offers a flexible, cost-effective solution for managing your legal workload.